Don’t Grow Slack in Your Day of Distress

His room at Flossenburg was simple—nothing on the plaster walls—just a wooden door with a big lock, a few feet from where he was executed, a few weeks before Allies liberated the Flossenburg Nazi German concentration camp.  I was humble and contrite as I looked at the garden wall where they killed German Pastor Dietrich […]

Getting Upstream to Avert Tragedy

  Today I will attend a funeral – a father who took his life.  Loving family, successful business, active in church – hard to understand, yet very real.  This tragedy is another indication that suicide knows no bounds, cutting across all ages and stages of life, unimpressed by fame, fortune, or status.  We see it […]

Growing in Hope during Seasons of Infirmity

Whether you and I are eight, eighteen, or eighty; we will encounter physical infirmity – short term illness or recovery from injury, or perhaps a long-term medical condition that becomes our constant companion.  While we are exhorted to “give thanks in all things,” this is often easier said than done.  The reality is that each […]

Resilient Enough To Get Back In The Saddle

An excerpt from Resilient Leaders… I spent time with a young officer who had worked for me in the past. He was getting ready to assume command of a battalion sized formation (roughly 700 troops) which would deploy to combat. In an unusual moment of candor for a military professional, he looked at me with […]