Draw From Your Well of Courage

“At intervals between a bomb falling it sounded like church:voices from nearby slit trenches all chanting the Lord’s prayer together– over and over again.  Louder when the bombs hit closer.” ~Veteran Army Air Force Bombadier and Olympic Runner Louie Zamperini,recounting the Japanese bombardment of U.S. forces,as recorded in Unbroken by Lauren Hildenbrand. COURAGE is not …

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The Hate Bus

We noticed the very attractive and distinguished older couple facing toward us from their table at the small restaurant in Gerrards Cross, England.  Kathleen and I were new to town, just having moved to England to attend the Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) in London. Anxious to meet new friends and learn more about …

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Navigating the Age of Offense!

We live in an “Age of Offense.”  While taking offense has always been part of our human DNA, today’s culture (including many of us) has placed narrowly defined personal “rights” and interests on an unprecedented pedestal. This self-interest idolatry is a destructive toxin which divides peoples and sabotages healthy and respectful relationships across a diverse …

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