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Are We There Yet???

How many times have you been on a long drive with family when the familiar refrain from the backseat echoes:  “Are We There Yet?” I

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The One that Got Away!

Dusk is closing in over the small pond.  Creeping along the bank I gently toss my “Jitterbug” (a wiggly top-water fishing lure that causes fish

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Plant Early and Often!

Every farmer knows you need to plant to produce a harvest.  Investment precedes return. Start with the smallest of seeds to grow the biggest of

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Know Your Redlines!

At the famous Battle of the Alamo in 1836, Colonel William Barrett Travis drew a “Line in the Sand,” stating “those prepared to give their

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Sing a NEW Song in 2020

In the introduction to Mid-Course Correction, Gordon MacDonald discusses a characteristic called “vital optimism” which at its very heart is simply hope.  MacDonald highlights John

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Resilient Joy

Have you ever had a lonely Christmas?  Has your Christmas meal been laced with tension, bitterness, and anger?  Or has your economic situation negated your

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Pursuit of Happiness

Early one morning I found myself with some unusual “idle time” in the Nashville airport. Walking past the entrance to the Transportation Security Agency (TSA)

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