Issue 22: Bouncing Back From A Cancer Diagnosis

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Two weeks ago we addressed “The Expectation Trap,” recognizing that expectations are one of the key sources of stress in our lives.  We saw that dealing properly with expectations is key to resilient living.  So guess what!  I actually read my own newsletter and felt I should “practice what I preach.”  To tune my own self-expectations, I am moving to a bi-weekly blog publication.  On the off weeks, you will get a video newsletter from me, incorporating powerful interviews and testimonials from people who I call “Profiles in Resilience.”   You will find these informative and inspiring.  As with every newsletter I look forward to your comments and your sharing with others.

For this week, the Profile in Resilience is an amazing couple named Jason and Julie Farino. While the segment you will see on this week’s video is only a small portion of their life journey, I think you will find that the three minute video below is a “picture worth a thousand words!”  Enjoy!

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Bouncing Back From A Cancer Diagnosis

Gaining Altitude

Taking It One Day At A Time.  

For the Scripture says,
“Whoever trusts in Him will not be put to shame.”
Romans 10:11 TLV

What major body slam have you experienced
which interrupted your plans
or altered the direction you were heading in life?

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From the Mailbox

Thank you Bob !
That is one of the multitude of wisdom pearls I have learned from the Lord.
There is nothing to stress about and I have no expectations. I have a purpose
in God’s Kingdom, pray 24/7 always seeking His wisdom and keeping my eyes wide open for His guidance. Always living in the moment facing off the evil each day living in God’s light covering all we do in the blood of Christ.
~Jim from South Carolina

This is another of your excellent Christian articles which I am sharing this time with my twin daughters, one of whom is a licensed family therapist in the State of CA, who will, I believe, find the hate bus of interest and possibly relevant in her experiences dealing with hundreds of her patients in her practice.
~Joe from California



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