Issue 34: May we be Resilient — God Style!
Dear Resilient Warrior Friends,
Never in my lifetime has Resilience God Style been more relevant.  Our beloved America is beset by a health pandemic, an associated economic pandemic, and a cultural/moral pandemic.  Gratefully, God is ever present in the midst of our joy and our sorrow, God does not change and loves us as His children, and as we draw near to God He will draw near to us.  I encourage you to keep pressing into what God has for you and your loved ones — may each of us grow better, wiser, stronger with each adversity (and cleverly disguised opportunity) of life.  May we be Resilient — God Style!
While there is so much to be observed and written in these “Days of Trouble” (Psalm 107), I am suspending my Resilience God Style Newsletter for at least the Summer and shifting my priorities for the near term to focus on two specific outreach efforts that you may not be aware of.  The first is completion of our 30 hour video series on Resilience Coaching which qualifies one to apply for Master Resilience Coaching Certification.  Our co-partner in this endeavor is Hope for the Heart headed by June Hunt.  I have finished 20 videos thus far, with 10 on Individual Resilience Coaching and the next 10 on Resilient Leader Coaching.   Over the Summer I will prepare the last 10 videos on special group resilience such as Resilient Aging, Resilient Parenting, Resilient Youth, Resilient Incarceration, and others.  Many of you may have wisdom regarding particular demographics such as these — if so, I would welcome your input as I pull the content together.
Secondly, I am leading an effort to establish the National Center for Healthy Veterans on a sizable farm near Liberty University in Virginia.  The purpose is “Returning Healthy Veterans to America,” facilitated by a holistic strategy to promote physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and relational health for veterans, active duty military, first responders, and their families.  The key components are community (veteran villages of tiny homes to break down isolation), dignified work and economic opportunity (via veteran microbusinesses), faith-based trauma recovery and life skills programs, technical training, and employment assistance and partnerships.  This effort will certainly help Veterans, but equally will strengthen America with Healthy Veterans who serve as role models, educators, innovative leaders and industrious workers, and valuable moral standard bearers.  As COVID 19 moves into the rear view mirror, we are again leaning into this important private sector initiative to change the trend lines on military and veteran suicide, homelessness, and mental and behavorial health; as well as helping veterans achieve their full God-given potential as contributors to American resilience, strength, and vitality.  If you have an interest in this effort, I would be glad to provide more information.  
We will keep the Resilience God Style website updated over the summer regarding upcoming speaking events and any new resource offerings..  As God inspires, I will also add a new blog now and then.  You are reminded of the rich repository of past Resilience God Style Newsletters and RGS Blogs that may be useful as you or others encounter certain trials along the way, or seek inspiration.  
May each of you have a healthy, joyful, and meaningful summer as you manifest salt, light, and mutual understanding on the paths where God takes you. To Him Be the Glory due His Name!
Respectfully in Christ,
PS — Thought you might like to see this slide from our forthcoming video series … a little food for thought about Calling, Integrity, Courage, and Guarding Your Heart.  

PPS from a “loyal subscriber” — what you have shared over the past weeks/months has positively affected my life and thus my family. Your writing has been God inspired and was much more than food for thought. I found it reminded me of the need for resilience each week and I could apply something or ponder what you had written each and every week. So thank you for all the time and thought and prayer that you put into every single issue.



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